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Strong expertise in computer graphics, geometry processing, C++, and much more
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Our Team

Philip Trettner

Philip Trettner

Computer Science M.Sc. RWTH CEO
Kersten Schuster

Kersten Schuster

Computer Science M.Sc. RWTH CEO
Jonathan Kunstwald

Jonathan Kunstwald

Computer Science B.Sc. RWTH CEO
Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt

Prof. Dr. Leif Kobbelt

Professor at RWTH Aachen Strategic Consultant

Technologies & Projects

DirectX 12
Nvidia CUDA
Real-Time Mesh CSG

Real-Time Mesh CSG

Our CSG solution operates in real-time on the GPU. Capable of a throughput on the order of hundreds of millions of triangles per second, we're able to accelerate various CAD workflows.

Automatic Surface Texturing

Texturing meshes conventionally involves a laborious manual process. Our method can automatically map 3D surfaces with stochastic and semi-structured textures at high quality.

Automatic Surface Texturing
Interactive Vertex Clustering

Interactive Vertex Clustering

Simplifying 3D meshes is a crucial stage in many design pipelines. By effective optimization of our C++ code, we were able to deliver this algorithm as an interactive workflow.

Cross-Platform 3D Engine

High-fidelity 3D visualization is gaining relevance in more and more fields. Our in-house rendering engine leverages Vulkan and DirectX 12 to deliver peak performance and compatibility.

Cross-Platform 3D Engine

Research & Development

Having a strong academic background, we always strive to solve relevant, real-world problems in our research. Many of our papers have resulted in software libraries delivering siginificant tangible value.

Computing distances on surfaces: At once 5 times faster and 5 times more accurate.
Stochastic modelling of a geometric operator: Improved robustness and performance in practice.
Compression and rendering of textured point clouds: Uncompromised quality at 1/3 of the memory.


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